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Central Florida Stock Footage Company "B-rollstock" Sets New Industry Standards

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B-rollstock, founded by two advertising and video production experts, launched in late December and features footage from across the globe.


By Jacob Engels


Yana Nesterova and Alex Fedotov, Russian natives, are launching a new venture after finding success with their commercial video production house AD.JUST. Their marketing executive Elizabeth Rios sat down with us earlier this week to tell us about what is all about. Our Q&A is below.


First, tell us about background of b-rollstock's leadership and what they have done up until now. was founded by Yana Nesterova and Alex Fedotov, both of them born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Over there, they made a living in the advertising industry working for FMSG, automotive industry leaders, and giants like PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, GM, Nestle, Unilever. Yana was engaged in creating and executing 360 digital campaigns for launching and promoting those companies' brands, and Alex, as a film and video director, was producing TV and Web Video commercials, for the same companies.


A couple of years ago, they teamed up in Orlando and started their own creative video production company, AD.JUST Video Production (, where they offer video production services specialized in the marketing and strategic aspect of this matter: commercial videos, videos for startup companies, becoming one of the very few companies heavily specialized in Kickstarter videos produced in Central Florida.


As industry insiders, the lack of packaged royalty free stock video was a part of their everyday pain. After researching the market, finding that there's nothing like that available, they decided to create a new b-roll specialized video stock agency that offers b-roll packages (each of them containing 4-7 video clips covering the same topic with different angles and types of shots).


There are a lot of B-Roll services available online, what makes B-rollstock the best?


B-roll services online are provided by either small or big production companies. They produce clips by demand or just to sell them on the major stock video websites. The key point here is that they produce those videos themselves, individually; therefore, they are limited to the size of the library they own. is more like an aggregator of royalty free videos and offers its platform to contributors around the world. What makes us different from other aggregators (such as GettyImages, or ShutterStock, etc) is that they all strive to sell one clip at a time, and don't embrace b-roll as a collection of clips.


We know that video editors, producers, content generators and advertising managers are not looking for just one clip at a time, content generators of all kinds usually require more than one clip to make a consistent, detailed video that fully covers one message, brand or topic.


Example from b-rollstock's constantly growing library.


This is when B-roll packages become essential, because:


1 - B-roll packages save a considerable amount of time when scavenging for B-roll footage; chances are that one package (composed by different shots and types of angles) already contains what is needed to full cover B-roll footage needs.


2 - All the clips in one package are shot on the same camera, by the same person, on the same color settings. So all clips within the package already match each other, guaranteeing consistency of the material you are purchasing.


3 - And based on this you save time on post production, cause you don’t need to make any adjustments to make them coexist in the same project: See a couple of examples here and here.


Explain to us how you gather the footage, and if all of it is originally shot by your team or licensed by collaborators you work with?


The market of the royalty free stock video is developing exponentially since market drivers such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., make us consume more and more quality content (text, images, videos etc). And many filmmakers consider the production of that type of video (for licensing) a main income.


Therefore, they are always looking for new video stock sites to expose their video libraries. The thing is that only 19% of the stock video material available is unique, where as the other 81% is composed by the same clips placed in different video stocks by the filmmaker. So is offering them a completely new channel of sales for a new type of product, but developed from the same clips they already have!


So they can upload their material in our platform as non-exclusive members, and make extra profit whenever their packages are purchased and downloaded. We also contacted several production studios in USA and Europe and they were excited to join and that is how we built a library of 10,000 packages ready for launch.


Your price points are insanely affordable... how are you able to offer such high-quality footage at such economical prices?


We figured out that the cost of producing just one ideal clip for major video stock sites compared to the cost of producing a full b-roll package is very similar. The producer spends the same time (he still shoots a lot to choose the best clip for licensing), he uses the same camera, the travel expenses are the same! We just accept many clips from what is shot that day and give people the opportunity to earn more.


And differently from other stock video websites, we really think that creative authors deserve to get the higher rate from what they produce. That might be a game changing business model in this market.


How can people learn more about your company and are you planning any launch or grand-opening deals?


We've been reaching to our audience with some success through digital campaigns, so to all of the contributors that join during our first phases, we offer the opportunity to make up to 70% of the revenue for each download, this is the highest rate out there.


Also, our promotional prices are available for all of those who sign up in our first months: Regular + HD video - $199 Regular + 4K - $299 Timelapse + HD - $299 Timelapse + 4K - $349 slow motion + HD - $299 Aerial + HD - $ 299 Aerial + 4K - $349 This will allow us to test the first costumers reaction and measure their interest to discover more, so we can come up with new topics of interest to be generated in the future.


We've scheduled our soft launch for December 20th and a grand opening for late January. You can visit our website here and learn more about us.



Jacob Engels, is the Founder of East Orlando Post & Seminole County Post. He is a seasoned political operative who has led numerous statewide political groups and has worked on several high-profile local, statewide, and national races. Jacob has been interviewed on national television & radio programs, with his work having been featured in the Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald and other publications nationwide. He can be reached at [email protected]