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Wanderlust And The Joys Of Travel

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Which place, which person, which wonder would you like to discover next?


By John Morris


Wanderlust. An impulse which has lived within humanity since history was first recorded. It inspires within us an immense desire to discover the world and explore the unknown. Some might say that its strength has withered with the dawn of technology, mobile phones, the internet and social media.


And yet, in the approaching months of summer, airplanes, trains and cruise ships will be filled to capacity. While a simple internet search can yield breathtaking photographs of every sight known to man, viewing an image of an object, building or city does not quench our natural thirst for personal discovery. The allure of an experience is just that — the ability to experience something.


Last year, I traveled to Beijing and visited the Great Wall of China for the first time. According to the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” my hundred or so photographs from that day should have more than summarized my experience there. Those images cannot convey the fullness of that day. The texture of the wall’s stone structure, the blowing breeze, and the atmosphere created by the hundreds of Chinese people encountering their national treasure for the first time. They do not depict the beauty of the experience and my joy of being at the center of it.


We often take photographs to remind us of a moment, to awaken a memory. The photographs I took bring me back there, to a memory that is unique to me and cannot be accessed by anyone else. We travel to create experiences that we will remember, collections of moments in which we see, feel, taste, touch and hear. Wanderlust can be satisfied only by engaging each of our senses and forming moments that create memories to last forever.


Beyond our traditional senses, though, we must also reach into our minds and intellect. In Beijing and at the Great Wall, I had countless conversations with fellow travelers, locals and expatriates. These conversations not only reinforced my appreciation of China, but sparked new ideas for future exploration and adventure. Travel is often filled with joy because it helps to open our world beyond the area in which we live. It forces us to encounter that which is not familiar and challenges us to grow in our perception of the world, its people and the nature of our own lives.


While most places we visit will not feature a Wonder of the Ancient or Modern World, each trip we take leads us closer to an understanding that the people and cultures on this Earth are each wonders in their own right. Which place, which person, which wonder would you like to discover next? Through this column, I hope to inspire your wanderlust and impart some wisdom on making the most of your travel experiences.


John Morris is twice a graduate of The Florida State University and is now a corporate travel consultant. He is the founder of, which provides the information disabled travelers need to plan accessible trips or vacations. He is driven by a desire to help open your world.





17 Tips to Bring Your Event to Life

One key to a successful special event is to seek out entertainment Air Jordan I or decorations that are unique and fun to spark conversation among guests. As you begin envisioning your event, picture the mood you want the environment to create. For example, determine whether you want to create a jubilant, celebratory atmosphere or one that is more serious. The ambiance you aim for depends a great deal upon the type of event you're having. If it's a product launch where you want to create Air Max 2010 womens an aura of enthusiasm and excitement, you'll likely lean toward an exhilarating atmosphere. If you're organizing an event for your employees and their spouses, perhaps you want the mood to be somewhat romantic.

Whatever you decide, the following seventeen tips will help you shape and enhance the atmosphere with the entertainment, decorations, and food you choose.

1. Think outside the box when planning the atmosphere at your event. Novelty is the key to your success. Give your guests something to tell their friends about!

2. Create a fun, interesting, and exciting ambiance Mens Puma Speed Cat Shoes using special stage settings, lighting, special scenery, music, ice carvings, flowers, centerpieces, candles, balloons, colored linens, printed menus, a photographer and gift items. Budget determines much of your wish list turns into reality.

3. Consider all sorts of amusements strolling musicians, chefs' demonstrations, palm readers out of the ordinary.

4. Keep in mind that your entertainment doesn't have to come in the form of people. An elaborate coffee bar or startlingly beautiful champagne fountain will have your guests raving.

5. Vary your decorations depending on the type of event you're throwing and the venue you choose. Find out whether the Air max 2011 womens facility has house decorations that it's willing to provide at no additional charge.

6. Check all decorating plans with Women's Puma Lazy Insect Shoes the venue in advance since many have restrictions on what they allow you to do in their establishment.

7. Create a theme especially for a large event to help make it more memorable. In addition, it helps make it easier to organize programming, food, d and other accessories. Carry out your theme before, during and after the event for true ambiance and memorability.

8. Cut down on decorating costs by choosing a themed venue and then building your event around the d rather than molding a venue to the theme you've chosen. For example, find an elaborately decorated ethnic restaurant, and then provide the musicians and entertainers from the appropriate area of the world.

9. Select a theme that fits your group and complements the tone and content of your event. But don't have a theme unless you're prepared to follow through with it.

10. Ask for theme ideas. If you're at a loss, consider having a competition soliciting ideas from your target audience. Your best ideas often come from others. But, remember to offer a fun incentive.

11. An Evening with Dr. A Night at the Oscars).

12. Choose appropriate entertainment for your group. Participants look forward to the entertainment segment of a program. They want to have fun, enjoy themselves, and let their hair down, particularly after stressful and demanding sessions. treasure hunt, or a game show), Video or slide show.

13. Make certain to view a demo video before hiring talent. Watch for the entertainers' performance quality and the audience reaction. Check out their references and ask specific questions such as: Would they hire them Mens Puma Complete Shoes again? How flexible, Mens Puma Motorsport Shoes reliable and easy to work with are Mens Puma Grit Cat III Shoes they? Make sure that their act is a good fit for your audience.

14. Find out whether the entertainers need extra staging, lighting, or d to create the right ambiance. Special requirements add to your bottom line watch out, this could get expensive. Be sure that the venue approves any special requests. For musical entertainment discuss various options, such as low volume background music, light entertainment during the meal, and Mens Puma Mummy Shoes lively dance music. Discuss how the entertainers involve the audience in their act. People enjoy both passive and active involvement.

15. Sit down affairs work best when you include some form of entertainment. However, if you want something a bit different, look at alternative areas in the hotel, such as an indoor patio or pool Nike Culture Shoes Kids area. Naturally, a plan revolving around an outdoor pool is contingent on the weather. It's best to have a back up plan just in case the heavens decide to open. Buffets and barbecues also work well, but watch the price tag. These kinds of food functions often require extra labor, which automatically means additional dollars.

16. Don't serve anything messy for any event where food is served while guests are standing and mingling. Limit your cuisine to bite size morsels that guests can easily eat with their fingers or a fork. Save money by opting for a few choice hors d'oeuvres in larger quantities rather than a large selection in smaller quantities. But remember to include some interesting vegetarian selections in your menu for guests who don't eat meat.

17. Make sure you have enough bartenders and liquor when serving alcohol at your event. You don't want to run out of beverages in the middle of the party or have long lines of grumbling, thirsty guests. Consider whether you want to limit your guests to certain selections, eliminating expensive liquors and specialty drinks.


Facts About Italy Fashion

This established high fashion as a property of the upper classes as a trimming to their already art filled lives. As Italian fashion then spread to the silver screen, common folks started to also absorb style. As manufacturing improved and prices decreased, Italian fashion Air Jordan Kids started to become synonymous with high quality and elegance. "All of this went towards creating a stereotyped yet realistic image of the Land of the Beautiful, of Art and of Love," says Italian Culture.

SignificanceThe Italian people pride themselves on looking their best by wearing quality garments that boost the wearer best attributes. Though they value inner beauty, most prefer to be a part of the surrounding loveliness by being attractive themselves. For Italian women especially, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 Lunar Womens Shoes fashion is a way to show of Nike Lunar Mens "la bella figura," or the beautiful figure, for the appreciation of others. Some common styles for women include snug, sexy jeans, high heeled shoes, high quality leather goods and nose piercings. Sensual beauty is prized; too much makeup and painted nails are marks of a tourist and are usually shunned by Italian natives.

Mens high fashion is strongly influenced by Italian designers like Zegna, Armani and Versace. As such, there little room for a slouchy look. Stylish gentlemen aren afraid to pair leather with dress pants, or a nautical sweater with punk pants. Daniel J. Indiviglio of AskMen writes, "Anyone who enjoys blending attire that is generally associated with less traditional dress codes and can pull it off in an aesthetically acceptable manner enjoys the tweak chic look." Other popular fashion themes include a slightly rumpled executive leisure idea, or apparel with naval inspiration.


Fairy Tail Special Chapters Get Anime Episodes

(incl. Anime News Nina!, ANNtv, ANNCast, Answerman, Astro Toy, Brain Diving, Buried Treasure, Chicks On Anime, Crashing Japan, The Dub Track, The Edit List, Epic Threads, From The Gallery, Hai Fidelity, House of 1000 Manga, Ima Kore Ga Hoshiin Da, Old School, Pile of Shame, RIGHT TURN ONLY!!, Shelf Life, Sound Nike Lunar Womens Decision, Sub Culture, Super Plastic, Tales Of The Industry, Tankobon Tower, The Click, The Gallery, The List, The Mike Toole Show, The Set List, The Stream, The X Button)This year's sixth issue of Kodansha's Shonen Magazine is announcing on Wednesday Dunk SB Mid Cut that three different Fairy Tail side story one shots are being adapted into episodes in the currently running anime.Episode 219, "Magokoro ga Tsumugu Mono" (What a True Heart Weaves) will adapt the "Natsu to Asuka" (Natsu Asuka) one Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 Lunar Womens Shoes shot that was published in Monthly Shonen Magazine. Episode 220, "413DAYS," will adapt the Magazine Special one shot that features Juvia as the main character. Finally, episode 222, "Henshin!" (Transform!), will adapt the "Fairy Woman" one shot that was published in Magazine Special. Episode 221, "Hakugin no Meikyu" (The White Silver Labyrinth) will have an original story not featured in the manga that follows Natsu, Lucy, and Happy on a snowy mountain as they try to complete a strange request.In addition, the contents of the Fairy Tail light novel Fairy Tail 2: Daimaten Sono Go, Sorezore no Ichi Nichi (Each of the Fighters' Day After the Grand Magic Games) will also be adapted within the anime series.The magazine also announces that boy band V6 (Inuyasha) and fashion model Mariya Nishiuchi (voice of One Piece Film Z's Marin) will perform the anime's next opening and ending themes, respectively. The new opening will be titled "BREAK OUT," while the ending will be titled, "Don't let me down."


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